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External Audit Services in Dubai by AAB

Are you searching for External audit services in Dubai? An audit firm who is working independently, providing corporate-level Accounting & Bookkeeping, Audit Services in Dubai and Sharjah. Moreover, the external audit service provides accurate reports of the company’s financial records done by certified auditors in Dubai, UAE.

AAB is one of the leading auditing firm provides external audit services in Dubai and other states of UAE. We create clarities value for money by providing business solutions instead of selling of services. We drive process and procedures to get high quality and cost-effective solutions, reliable analysis & insights that satisfy value for money. By partnering with you, we provide expert advice, support and save your time & resources to utilize on alternative strategic projects.

We are approved auditors from the following free zones in Dubai Abu Dhabi.

1. Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
2. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
3. Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA)
4. Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA)
5. Dubai Silicon Oasis – (DSO)
6. Dubai HealthCare City – (Dubai Healthcare City Authority)
7. International Humanitarian City
8. Dubai Maritime City – (Dubai Maritime City Authority)
9. Gold and Diamond Park
10. Dubai World Central (DWC)
11. Meydan
12. National Industries Park (TechnoPark)
13. Under Dubai Development Authority (DDA) :

    • Dubai Internet City
    • Dubai Media City
    • Dubai Production City
    • Dubai Studio City
    • Dubai Outsource City
    • Dubai Knowledge Park
    • Dubai International Academic City
    • Dubai Science Park
    • Dubai Design District

We are approved auditors from the following free zones in Abu Dhabi.

The emirate of Abu Dhabi

1. Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ)
2. Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone (ADGM)
3. Abu Dhabi Port Company Free Zone
4. Masdar City
5. Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi ( KIZAD)
6. Industrial City of Abu Dhabi.
7. Twofour 54.
8. Higher corporation of specialized Economic Zone.

What are External Audit services?

The External Audit services in Dubai are conducted by external (independent) qualified auditors and accountants. The objective is to determine, among other things, whether the accounting records are accurate and complete, prepared following the provisions of GAAP, and the statements prepared from the accounts present fairly the organization’s financial position and the results of its financial operations.



What are the benefits of outsourcing External Audit services?

In UAE, the auditing is one of the most essential duties in a business’ where money matters. But many business owners might like to keep internal and within the company. To have such external audit in Dubai, might sound completely ridiculous to you. But before you dismiss the idea of hiring an External Audit firm in UAE to do your company’s audits. You may be surprised to learn that there are more benefits to this than you have ever imagined.

With External Audit services, our team provides unbiased audits and we ensure that your company complies with UAE government guidelines all times. This may sound like normal, but when it comes to dealing with big projects, big problems, tricky transactions, and records, an external auditor can see the problem clearly and provide you the best possible solutions that are unbiased and without fear of offending anyone in your company.

Earns you more credibility. Whether you need auditing for investment, presentations, or IRS purposes, an external audit result will be deemed more credible than an internal one mainly because of one thing lack of bias. When people know that someone not directly linked with your company created your audit report, you are giving them a sense of truthfulness and transparency. This, in essence, is making your company look like you have nothing to hide from anyone as far as your finances go.

Earns Sometimes it’s better to have a view of the third person’s view. The External Audit firms can tell you things about your auditing and financial departments that your team may have missed, due to familiarity. New eyes and new perspectives, and especially keen and expert eyes can see through loopholes that are easy to miss, even by your most trusted in-house auditor.

The External Audit firms hire professional auditors that have typically more and broader experience, specific to auditing. Your in-house auditor is probably good and reliable, but there is something valuable about the experience and expertise gained by third-party auditors who have worked with a wide variety of companies. Working with someone with a wide range of audit experiences can help you respond more efficiently to unique and difficult situations — situations that your internal auditor likely has yet to experience.

Opportunities to learn and train. The external Audit firm can train your internal audit staff as well. Because of their wider, more extensive professional experience, your company may choose to hire an external auditor for consultancy and training purposes. With their training, your in-house staff will be better prepared for unique situations that may arise in the future, and be able to respond more accurately and efficiently.

What kind of External Audit services we do provide in UAE?

We understand that every business needs an auditor who can contribute to the success of a business and does not just rely on ticking boxes and filling checklists. Therefore, we cater to a balanced and independent audit firm in Dubai that can benefit you when dealing with banks, investors or partners. We focus on to deliver quality audits and guarantee external audit services in Dubai, Ajman & Sharjah.

We provide the following meaningful reports on:

  • Financial Statement
  • Accounting Records
  • In-Depth Data Analysis
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Quality Control
  • Summary and Conclusion

Know the difference between Internal Audit and External Audit

Internal auditors are often confused with external auditors, however, there are significant differences between the professions. External auditors focus on the accuracy of the annual report and financial statements whereas the internal auditor has a wide-reaching brief that considers anything which might be important to an organization’s success.
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