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AAB – Auditing, Accounting & Bookkeeping Firm in Dubai

We are a professional Emirati Audit and Accounting firm in Dubai. We are an emerging company in the world of auditing and accounting services who has gained a reputed image among the other business sector in Small and Medium-sized enterprises in Dubai and Sharjah. A highly committed to delivering quality audit services at an affordable price would set us apart from other audit firms in Dubai.

We are not just selling services, but we are bringing clarity to business. Our utmost priority is to provide you an unbiased opinion that can help you in decision making for your organization. Our audit services in Dubai will be able to help you in organizing your business’s day to day tasks and allow you to focus on your goals and objectives of the organization.

We are one of those rare companies in Dubai or in UAE who is an approved auditing firm in 7 major free zones of Dubai. We provide audit, accounting and bookkeeping services and also provides consultation in financial statements and VAT (Registration and Claims). We adhere to the latest International Standards on Auditing and Financial reporting in Dubai, UAE.

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AAB Arguably the best auditing, accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai!

Our objective is to provide you the best auditing, accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai. Our wide range of audit and accounting services in Dubai are tailored to meet business and audit needs of business partners in UAE that goes beyond just the financials. We give priority on making relationships with our business partners by not only selling just audit and accounting services, but bringing clarity to business that helps them to make right decisions.

Our firm caters to independent audit accounting services in UAE equipped to add valuable insight and recommendations to your business. We assist companies to navigate risks and elevate the role of Internal Audits with the help of our professional auditors. Our auditors in Dubai are focused, quality-oriented and conducted with the utmost diligence and professionalism.

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Our Audit and Accounting Services in Dubai


If you’re running a small business in the UAE then we recommend you to go for our Bookkeeping services. You can get the best and affordable Bookkeeping service in the UAE to manage your bills, records and paper work. Know more..


Another best tool for your small business is to opt for accounting services in the UAE. Our affordable accounting services would help you in organizing your financial records, inventories, cash flows, sales, purchases and profits. Know more..

Internal Audit

We follow an independent activity of internal audit accounting service in UAE. We designed internal audit services in a way that adds value to and improve your organization operations. Know more..

External Audit

Our external audit service in UAE provides an accurate reports of the company’s financial records done by certified auditors team in Dubai, UAE. We provide clarities in business solutions rather selling services. Know more..

Financial & Managerial Consultancy

We closely monitor with clients to diagnose their financial situation in order to present a personalized financial plan for your business in UAE. Our advisable guidance to clients on topics that include taxes, investments and insurance decisions. Know more..

Internal Audit

Our team provides assistance and consultation to help organization in implementing strategies to comply with VAT obligations in UAE. Know more..

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